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Woman's winter dress. Artsah, XIX century Girl's dress. Ahaltsihe, XIX century Man's suit. Zeitun, XIX century Woman's ordinary dress. Synik-Zangezur, XVIII century Man's suit. Shatah, XIX century

Contributions sent by students from school #150, Armenia.
Teacher: Karine Durgaryan


The first queen was a wife of the first king Aram. Her name was Sosen. She was the mother of one of the nicest man of the ancient world - Ara Geghetsik (Ara, the Beautiful). The Queen Anahit was the mother of Armenian King Tigran, the Great. She was buried on the top of two heads mountain Ararat. In those ancient times this top wasn't covered by snow. Queen of Vaspurakan (a state of Armenia), was a wife of Armenian King Gurgen - Khachik Artsrunee. She was the most marvelous woman in Vaspurakan; her name was Gayane. There was a sculpture with words in Vaspurakan: "The beauties run away from Armenian Queen Gayane to be not ugly in front of her".
Safyan Tatev, grade 9 Vardazaryan Armine, grade 7 Vardazaryan Anush, grade 9

Students from school #177, Armenia.
Coordinator teacher: Karine Durgaryan


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