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       Folk costume is any the dress of all traditional regional, ethnic, occupational. In Indonesia, identity is also determined by geographically, and the local costumes expressed locality, region, or province. There are a lot of folk costumes that can be found in Indonesia, stretching from sabang to merauke (one end of Indonesia to the other end). Each has different styles and meaningful attributes.
       Wiwi Rosaria

       I'm Jessica. I'm one of students from SMA 1 PADANG. Indonesia. Let's me introduce one of folk costumes in Padang. This is the picture of folk costume in Minangkabau, West Sumatera. We wear this for wedding ceremony. The bride uses an accessory on her head, that called “sunting”. The shape of “sunting” used by every bride is not same, it depends on the bride’s wish. “Suntings” are made from brass. The wedding costumes are made from different material, it’s not same for every costume. The bride and bridegroom usually rent this costume. The better material the more money they have to spend.

       My name is Yola Newari. I'm at the first grade at SMA 1 PADANG (senior high school). West Sumatra in Indonesia. I'm one of the students of accelerated class.
I want to show one of the folk the costumes in Indonesia. This costume is from Bali People usually wear this in the wedding ceremony. This is made from silk and batik


       My name is Anggun Permata Sari. I'm a student of SMA Negeri 1 Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. I want to show you one of folk costume from Indonesia. This is a folk costume from Bugis, South Sulawesi. It uses for special-traditional ceremony, for example wedding ceremony. This costume is very unique. The bride's costume looks simple, it's nice. It made from special material.

       My name is Sari Budi Pertiwi. I'm a student of acceleration class SMA 1 Padang. I want to show you a folk costume from Sunda or West Java.

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