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The Caspian Sea province of Gilan is one of the most picturesque areas of Iran. Those unfamiliar with Iran, are often startled to find a lush, semi-tropical jungle area in which tea and rice are grown. The clothing, with its full skirts covered with ribbons, comes from the village of Qassemabad. One of the most popular dances of this colorful region is the dance in which the tasks of growing and harvesting rice are depicted with mimetic movements.

Persian Gulf
The Persian Gulf is one of the hottest areas of the globe. The region has historically served as the trading depot and confluence of the Arabian, Persian, Indian, and African worlds. Under Islam these groups mixed.The cloth for the traditional dress was often imported from India and other areas, which until this century were more accessible by sea than the arduous land routes from the interior of Iran. Perhaps due to the extreme heat and humidity of this region, masks are worn in place of veils.

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