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Japanese Folk Costume, Kimono

At a wedding: at a wedding ceremony the bride wears all white kimono called "siromuku". White means that a bride has no protest against the husband's family. At the party she wears colorful kimono called "utikake". Other people wear the same kimono at the ceremony and at the party. The bridegroom wears black kimono, and "hakama" with white and black stripes. Married related women wear black kimono with beautiful pattern on the lower part "tomesode". Unmarried related woman wearing colorful kimono called "furisode".
At formal chances: at formal chances in Japan men do not wear kimono. They usually wear western style suits. But women wear "montuki", "homongi" for the ceremony, "komon"for visits or meetings. Young unmarried girls wear "furisode" for the same chances.
Children: in Japan at the age of three, five, seven children wear traditional kimono and go to the shrine to pray for their healthy growth.


Bridegroom boy

Tomesode utikake




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