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The Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances
The Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances is an international festival first held in 1962 in Ohrid, Macedonia and with a continuous traditional program since 1968. Ohrid summer stages tradionally host this festival from the fifth to the tenth of July. All Balkan and neighboring countries have participated in this display of original folk songs, dances, customs and rituals. Countries from around the world have participated and enriched its programs. In addition to Macedonian ensembles, folk groups from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Russia, Moldavia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Australia, USA, Canada and Malaysia have taken part in this festival.

"Ilinden days" Festival of folk dances and songs
The cultural workers from Bitola and Macedonia, responding to the unfavorable situation in folk amaterisum in the late sixties, initiated the Ilinden Days Festival of folk dances and songs in Bitola, Macedonia which had its maiden program from 30 Jily to 2 August 1971, with the participation of 22 cultural and art groups and folk ensembles. The 27 Ilinden Festivals have hosted nearly 1.000 folk groups and associations about 30.000 dancers.

Tanec - Folk Ensemble
In 1949 was created a folk ensemble TANEC. One year later Tanec had its first concert on 24 June 1950 in Skopje and has since conquered the world music stages and famed the enormous Macedonian folk treasury. The first quest performance was in Liangholen, Great Britain in 1950 when Tanec fascinated both the audience and the experts and returned with the first prize. The Liverpool Daily Post called them the "Spirit of the Festival". Professor Taylor one of the world-renowned experts in this field, wrote: "This dance is a confirmation that a nation with great spiritual culture lives there and all the groups we have seen so far are either beginners or have bad style compared to them. Being the only professional folk ensemble in Macedonia, Tanec played an extremely important role in collecting, nurturing and promoting Macedonian folk songs, dances, clothes and instruments. Tanec has held several thousands of concerts, attended by an audience of several million in the past five decades. This feat was accomplished by nearly three hundred Tanec members: dancers, singers, musicians and managers.

Gligor Kusoski
DSEMU "Gorgi Naumov" - Bitola, Macedonia

Ivana Naumoska
DSMU D - Jovan Kalauzi - Bitola
Naumoska Ivana
DSMU D - Jovan Kalauzi - Bitola

Coordinator teacher: Mimoza Anastoska-Jankulovska

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