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Folk costumes are of great importance to Moroccan people, since they add colour and flavour to the social life. Without them our festivals and ceremonies would look dull and lifeless.
We hope this project will shed some light on the different folk costumes worn in different regions of Morocco.

The white "Haik", made of cotton, is an outdoor garment worn by women in Essaouira Typical costume worn in Imin-Tanout on wedding, circumcision ceremonies and festivals. It consists of a dress, a shawl and a colourful head-dress. The footwear is called "Sherbeel" The little boy's blue "Ghandoura" is a summer daily wear.

The blue "Haik", outdoor garment, is worn in Goulmine. It covers the body from head to foot. Dance costume, consisting of a dress, a petticoat, a colourful head dress and a belt with red silk and cotton strings. The goat-skin boots are called "Rihiya". It is typically worn by women in kellat M'Gouna.

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