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Our Project - Palestinian Costumes (Introduction)




Our project is a collaboration between  Huda High School, in Hebron/Palestine,  and iEARN -iearn.org- aims to echoing patterns that often date from antiquity, textiles and traditional costumes form a rich part of cultural legacies. And this is especially true with the Palestinian heritage. The Middle East has been a leader in textile production since ancient times, while Arabs introduced to the West many forms of silk weaving and production. Witness, for example, the frequent use of such Arabic names as "damask" (from Damascus) and "gauze" (from Gaza) for certain fabric weaves. Ancient embroidery patterns, meanwhile, were passed on from the Arab world to Europe in the Middle Ages: these were perpetuated in European pattern books dating back to the 15th century.

Until more recent times, the style of each costume in Palestine, from bridal attire to ceremonial dress, not only bespoke an ethnic and regional identity, but both the identity of the village and the maker as well.

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