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My name is Agnieszka Cicha, and I go to High School PP Prezentek. I live near Cracow and we've got rich culture.
I'd like to describe the Cracovian costume, which is one of the most beautiful national folk costumes. In the East the men are wearing the brown or dark blue peasant's russet overcoat with a big embroidered collar. They wear red four cornered caps on they heads, and belts. They wear dark trousers. In the Western part of Cracovian district the men wear the white peasant's russet overcoat with the upright collar narrow waist. Cuffs, collar waist lined with red cloth and very decorated. The peasant's russet overcoat is done up wish hook and eye. The shirt is made of the white cloth. Is long up to the knees, with a turn down collar. It has got a red ribbon on the neck. The festive shirt is embroidered on the collar and on the cuffs. The breeches worn in the summer time are lighter and made of percal, and striped. The breeches worn in the winter time are made of thicker and dark material. They wear them on the top of knee boots. On the shirt, they wear outer garment with sleeves or without. They put on black the hobnailed shoes. They dress long sheepskin and fur caps. They are wrapped around with double, wide leather belts with rich ornaments. They are beautifully embroidered. They are some brass-buttons and other things folk attive.

Agnieszka Cicha
School: High School PP Prezentek, Poland

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