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Traditional Costumes and Food in Transylvania - workshop organized at "Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" Highschool Dej

The students from class 10A, “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” Highschool Dej, coordinated by their teacher Cornelia Platon, organized a workshop about traditional food for Christmas in Transylvania, and presented old folk costumes people used to wear in the past. The students’ parents supported the workshop, preparing the traditional food according the original old recipes and everything was a success. The guests had the chance to test the old recipes and to see the beautiful folk costumes the students were wearing.


Folk Costumes Workshop – November 2007 – on occasion of Global Education Week

Andras Barbara
Matyas Zsofia
Matyas Zsofia & Szekely Szilard

Vistea, Cluj county

Coordinator: Matyas Tunde

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