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Gorenjska narodna nosa
(folk costume from the mountains region)

Women from rich families would wear a gold-plated belt while others wore brass belts. Married women usually wore a richly embroidered head-dress and young girls wore a white, triangular scarf onto which an embroidered band was sewn. At the back of it, there is a large ribbon which falls down the woman's back. The full, gathered skirt and bodice is made of colorful patterned material and extends to the ankles. Over it there is a black apron with black lace trimming. Under the bodice and skirt they wore a white blouse, an underskirt, knee-length bloomers and white stockings extending up to or over the knees. Black laced shoes rise above the ankles, while the low shoes are fastened with a strap or a buckle.
Wrapped around the shoulders is a silk fringed scarf fastened in the front with a pin. The women carry a wicker basket bearing the inscription "IHS" in white, blue and red, and a white handkerchief tucked behind the belt.

Man's costume consists of a black felt hat decorated with feathers of a blackcock.
The men wore a sleeveless cardigan whose front was made of velvet embroidered with floral patterns, and the back was made of plain cotton. Along the front is a long row of metal buttons.
A scarf is worn over the shirt. Fastened to the bottom buttonhole of the cardigan is a chain, which extends into the pocket.At the end of the chain is a gold or silver watch. The knee breeches are made of velured deer, chamois or cow leather, and have elaborately decorated braces, colorfully patterned pockets and trousers, and horn buttons. The breeches are worn with a tuck-in shirt and long undergarments made of unbleached cotton or linen. The black leather boots reach up to the mid thighs, and are folded back below the knees, decorated with patterns on the upper part. The cotton parasol is red with a green, yellow and red trim and a curved handle.

Students from Ekonomska in Trgovska Sola (Secondary school), Brezice, Slovenija
Coordinator teacher: Branko Marcetic

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