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Costume of the traditional chief who is in charge of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha (Diyawadana Nilame). In ancient time (18th century) the king appointed this chief.

Pictures of traditional wedding costumes of the bride, bride groom and the page children as worn in a traditional wedding ceremony.

An ancient form of dancing called Kandian dancing performed with the traditional costumes.

Dancers performing a Sri Lankan traditionaldance called "Vadiga Patuna" that has a history of at least 500 years. The costumes worn by the dancers have not changed in the centuries.

Buddhist monk wearing the
traditional robe called "Sivura"
Traditional costume called 'Osariya'

Contributions sent by Eksith Praveen Bandara Weerasekera
Coordinator teacher: Mrs. Lakshmi Attygalla
School: Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka