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Tajikistan clothes

As out of our GCE group Plan in October our schoolchildren and teachers were working on National Clothes Project and did researches and gathered some information for you. We would love to share our culture with all of you and here is what we have done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “The culture of Tajikistan has developed over several thousand years. Historically, Tajiks and Persians come from very similar stock with a mutual language, and are related as part of the larger group of Aryan peoples. Tajik culture can be divided into two areas, Metropolitan and Kuhiston (Highland). Ancient towns such as Bukhara, Samarkand, Herat, Balkh, and Nishopur Khiva are no longer part of the country. More modern centres include Dushanbe (the capital), Khudjand, Kulob, and Panjikent.” The national clothes in Tajikistan vary from every part of our Motherland. Basically the women wear dresses and women’s skull-caps and the men wear pants and shirts. And the national cloth for men in the previous time (long time ago) was so called “Joma” (picture 1) (a kind of gown). But the dresses of women are different from each other. It depends of what part of the country they are from. The most famous dresses (fabrics) are “Atlas” (picture 2-basically North part of Tajikistan), “Chakan” (picture 3-basically South part of Tajikistan), Pomiri (picture 4 – East of Tajikistan). And majority women cover their head with headscarf/kerchief (picture 5) and/or skull-cap (picture 6). All of the clothes are colored and they are really beautiful.

Coordinator teacher: Tojiddin Haitov, Qurghonteppa city, Tajikistan