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Tataouine - Tunisia

Hello everybody! We are Tunisian pupils at the Secondary School Cité Mahrajene,Tataouine. We are wearing some traditional costumes of the region where we live. Enjoy browsing the galleries!

Every community has its own traditions and culture. I'm from Tataouine, a town in the deep south of Tunisia. Until today, many people in my town still wear traditional costumes in everyday life or when there are religious celebrations or when we celebrate a wedding ceremony.

Men usually wear a traditional costume which we call a "Jebba". It is a long and large costume. People put it on over a shirt called "Farmla"and baggy trousers called "Serwal Arbi". These trousers are large on the thigh but tight just under the knee. Men usually wear this costume, which is usually a white one, in summer or when we celebrate an occasion such as religious feasts: "Aid El-Kebir" or "Aid El-Fittr".
In addition to "Jebba", men put on a red , a brown or a grey round hat made out of cotton or wool. This hat is called "kabbous" or "Chachia". Men also wear shoes called "Balgha". These shoes are made out of the leather of camels.
In winter, men in Tatatouine add a cloak over the "Jebba". It is called "Barnous". "Barnous" is woven out of mutton or sheep wool and sometimes camel's hair. It's color is usually brown, white, grey or blue.

Women seem luckier than men concerning the costumes they wear. In fact, they still wear traditional costumes such as "Melhafa" and "Sefsary".
"Melhafa" is still an everyday costume and is well-decorated during important occasions. It is a large cloth made out of cotton or silk according to the occasion during which the lady wears such a costume. A woman who is going to marry or a lady who attends a wedding party wear a "Melhafa" decorated with many jewelries out of gold and silver.
"Sefsari" is also a large white cloth usually made out of silk. Some women still put it on over her clothes when she goes out for shopping.

Mouna Ouiba,
Second Year Secondary Education,
Cité Mahrajene School, Tataouine, Tunisia.

From left to right Raed is wearing a winter cloth we call "Wazra",
next to him Marii is wearing a blue "Barnous",
beside him Abdullah with a white "Jebba"
and on the right Mohamed who is wearing a brown "barnous"

Coordinator teacher: Kemal Michleoui

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