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From ancient times till nowadays the history of traditional Ukrainian clothing has been somewhat like a mirror that shows the history of humanity. At different times the variety of colors characterized the Ukrainian clothing and surely the Sunday best was different from the everyday dress. On holidays the girls of Kyivshchina wore clothes with different bright colors. Every woman and every girl tried to ware white embroidered shirt with green or red underskirts so called 'zapasky'. The front site of the clothing was splendidly colored by weaving decorative pattern or needlework at its bottom. Festive underskirts (zapasky) were worn with festive skirt 'plahta' or very expensive skirt. The shirt was worn in the way that its embroidered bottom was seen. The festive women's boots 'sapjanzi' or 'chornobryvzi' were mostly red, green, and yellow. The necklace was a decoration to women's clothing. The headdress was added to this traditional clothing. It was a girl's garland with strips and flowers that were harmoniously combined.

Tanya Maksimenko 8 grade
School 168, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian national costume distinguishes itself by many of colors. Red flowers, which on the light background decorate spinster's apron. Comparatively with bright crimson - red skirt and shawl, on which bloomed small, light flowers, apron not so bright. White under-skirt scarcely looks out skirt. On the end of under-skirt - design. Cloak on the spinster is sky-blue color. Yellow tape decorates the end of upper cloth. Cloak's collar, cuffs, which embroider of design, and yellow, which used in color gamut of apron and elegant shoes,- in wonderful harmony. Spinster's blouse, as under- skirt, - is white. On she's neck - many diverse necklaces. On head - red wreath, on the end of with - ribbons every colors of rainbow. As for me, I think that every detail of spinster's attire is nicely harmony.

Bugauova Nastya, 8-a grade
School 168, Kyiv, Ukraine
Coordinator teacher: Olga Nosik

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