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Dear Friends,  

           Let me invite you to see a project that was supposed to join us around a subject that has its roots far too remote in time. Look around yourselves and see that fashion is a continually changing topic. But when have people started to think how they looked like ? Where should we look for the ancestors of the so varied clothes we wear today ? Where have some of the greatest world's designers found a source of inspiration for the clothes they made for countless times ? You have certainly guessed ! The origin of the way we dress ourselves today must be looked for in the inestimable value and beauty of our old folk costumes, which certainly lacked kitsch and expressed all the purity and sensitivity of the human soul and the print of nature expressed by the interference of colours with their symbols.
          I think that we all belong to an ancient culture with certain beliefs and traditions. Where else if not in our old national folk costumes could we find the materialization of some relics of this universal culture?
          Let's go back in time for a while and have a look at what our ancestors used to wear!

Enjoy yourselves!   Cornelia Platon